Dear Grandpa

Mourning, pain and grief are not emotions that I don’t have experience with. I’ve experienced more of these than most my age in the past year and a half alone, and today is no exception. Today I said goodbye to you, the final, tear-ridden goodbye that I never had a chance to give my dad. In fact, saying goodbye was just as hard because you have been my second father.

Ever since I can remember, I have spent countless hours at your house, annoying you with my questions and pestering you with my mood swings, but you still loved me through it all. You spent countless hours watching my sister and me at dance and poms competitions, never once complaining. You spent countless weekends cheering my brother and me on from the sidelines of whatever sport we were playing at the time and never once complained of a missed Packer game. You were always there, a silent presence emitting unconditional love and support. No matter what it was, even something as minuscule as a middle school choir concert, you never failed to miss a single event in my life. How you managed to do this, I don’t know. It must have been some of your mighty ba-ba-ba-Batman skills. :)

When dad passed, you promised us to be a father just as he was. And now I know why he always spoke so highly of you as a parent, you were an impeccable one. If he learned anything from you it was how to be a great father. I’m sure he will be excited to have you by his side once again, in a happier, more peaceful place. I’ve had some amazing times with you. From our games of chess to our games of “love taps”, there was never a dull moment when I was with you. I’ve already decided that that’s going to be how I remember you. When I think of you, my head will fill with memories of our jokes and my heart will fill with love, smiles and laughter. While it won’t be easy, the knowledge that you are at peace and reunited with my father is more than enough to get me through the bad times.

For the first time this past weekend, I saw you as a cancer patient. Not as a living, breathing, fighting human, but as a patient. I didn’t see my grandpa fighting lung cancer, instead I saw a stranger. I saw a fragile, tired man, nothing like the man I have come to know as my grandpa. That was what the hardest part of this process was. I saw the loss of your identity and that’s when I knew. That exact moment is when I knew why you chose to stop treatments, why you chose to be at peace. You were taking control. For once it wasn’t the cancer determining your fate, it was you and I admire that. While I wish it never even happened, I have never been in more awe of you than now. You are one of the bravest souls I have ever met, grandpa. You had the ability to look cancer in the eye and say try me, and you put up a hell of a fight throughout the first cancer and now this lung cancer. I thought that was brave, to have the courage to fight not one, but two of the most threatening types of illnesses. But this, facing death without apprehension, without fear of the unknown, that is true bravery. As humans we have an innate fear of death, doing everything in our power to avoid death prematurely, or even death at all. However, you defied all odds when you accepted your fate. You came to peace with death and that – that is awe inspiring, grandpa.

I will remember your bravery. I will remember the grin on your face as I jokingly called you by the name of “Peachy” when your hair first started growing back from chemo because it was as soft as peach fuzz. I will remember the stories of how you got the name Batman and Chippy. I will smile when I remember how you don’t like Chipotle (pronounced Chi-pot-el) because they put beans in your burrito. I will laugh when I remember the way you used to imitate grandma when she called your name, but I will recall how evident your love for her was throughout the 55 years you guys shared together. I will never forget how you shaped me into the person I am today, and if I am anything like you at all, I am one lucky girl.

So grandpa, I hope that wherever you are, you are with my dad and you two are fishing for the biggest bass you can find (although I do hope you give him a good talking to and booty kicking). Please do send my love to him. I know that you are in good hands with him and that I am in good hands with both of you as guardian angels. I know that you will watch over me and our family, and I have never felt safer in this world than I do at this point.

This isn’t a goodbye because I live with the hope that I will see you and my daddy again one day, it’s what keeps me going on my hardest days. So, for now, it’s goodnight grandpa. I hope you have found peace in your new life and I look forward to seeing it one day, but for now, I’ll pray to you and dad every night.

Life starts all over again when it gets crisp in the fall.

I absolutely adore fall, it is deliciously refreshing. The way the cold air feels as it brushes past your face to get tangled in your hair…the way it feels to snuggle up in a warm hat, scarf, sweatshirt and vest…the way it feels to have a salted caramel mocha (or pumpkin spice latte for all of you non-vegans out there) warming up your hands as you wander through the pumpkin patch on a quest for the perfect pumpkin. There’s just something about fall…

I think it’s the way that everything seems to come to life. The colors turn a beautiful hue of scarlet, orange, gold, yellow…it’s so vivacious and bright. How could someone not smile when they walk in a forest of these colors? Watching the leaves dance from trees as the wind picks them off is a feeling like no other. It’s the only time of the year when nature seems to interact with us, playing with our hair and filling our vision with bright colors.

Maybe it’s the idea of apple orchards and pumpkin patches. And we can’t forget about the hay rides while visiting these places! Nor should we forget the countless caramel apples that come from these excursions.  Or maybe it’s the fact that after spending hours outside in the crisp, fall air, we can come inside and warm up to a cup of apple cider with some (meatless) chili or soup.

Maybe it’s the idea that it’s socially acceptable to maintain “white girl status” as I walk to class with my leggings, leg warmers, Uggs, Minnesota sweatshirt, North Face vest, and infinity scarf while slowly sipping my coffee. Maybe it’s the fact that I can layer up in warm, cozy clothes and finally feel comfortable.

Or maybe it’s the way the football fans of the world come out of hiding to emphatically support their team and insist that this is the year they will finally win the Super Bowl.  Maybe it’s my ability to boast about the Packers and wear my green and gold every single weekend.

While all of these are great, I think what makes me love fall the most is the fact that the atmosphere of society changes. Instead of sullen, drear-ridden people, people actually take on a thankful, happy tone. It’s as if this one time of the year makes everyone realize how lucky they are to have a home, family, food on the table, wardrobe, an education…the list goes on. In fall, everyone is reminded that not everyone is as lucky as them, and that makes them happy. It’s a time of gratefulness, thankfulness, happiness, and giving. After all, it’s not happy people who are thankful, it’s thankful people that are happy.



So, in honor of my favorite season I’ve made a fall bucket list:

  1. Go apple picking
  2. Go on a quest for the perfect pumpkin
  3. Carve the perfect pumpkin
  4. Roast pumpkin seeds
  5. Take a hay ride
  6. Plan a fun Halloween costume
  7. Make caramel apples
  8. Watch every Packer game
  9. Make pumpkin or apple pie
  10. Take beautiful, crisp, autumn nature walks
  11. Play in the fallen leaves
  12. Successfully complete a corn maze or haunted house
  13. Have a Friendsgiving
  14. Make a thankful tree
  15. Volunteer and donate
  16. Reflect on how lucky I am to be alive for another beautiful autumn :)

Pain fades, grief doesn’t.

Grief never ends, but it does change. It’s a passage, not a place to stay and call home. Grief is not a sign of weakness, nor a sign of faltering faith. Instead, it is the price of love.

How beautiful it is to have this type of love, but how incredibly sad it is to have someone you love dearly taken by death. It’s a year and four months since my father has passed and I am still stricken with grief. While the first year passed quickly, it seems time has slowed down. Instead of pushing forward, my world has slowed to a grueling second by second ticking. I find myself gazing at the stars and talking to you. The stars make me believe that you are somewhere near, be it with my mom, sister, or brother. But the stars can’t respond, and the memory of your voice is starting to fade from where it was engraved. If only heaven had a phone, or life really worked like Mitch Albom’s book “The First Phone Call from Heaven.” Honestly though, that might make your absence even more heartbreaking and noticeable. But if the world really worked like that, it would be a nice way to finally say goodbye, to have a chance to tell you I love you and just how much I miss you and know that you were hearing every word of it.

I may feel frozen in time, stuck in this unending feeling of grief, but I know that life still marches on. As slowly as it is happening, I can see myself moving forward, progressing towards a new checkpoint in my journey through grief. I’ve finally come to accept my sadness and grief as part of this journey into a new life without my dad. I no longer see it as a hindrance in my abilities, nor as a weakness in my armor. I now see it as a new type of strength because being vulnerable to pain is strong. To be able to feel everything so deeply, to be able to express emotion…it’s a beautiful thing. It is too easy to be closed off, to shut out the world and hide your pain. Facing your demons and fighting your battles while everyone watches, now that is what makes a warrior.

I still love my dad with all my heart, and the void his death has left aches every day as a constant reminder of his absence. However, now I know that this is the price of love. When you love someone unconditionally, any form of leaving will cause you pain. Facing the death of someone you love unconditionally is the worst type of pain. Not a day goes by where you don’t think of them. Not a day goes by when you don’t have that irrational thought of  “I can’t wait to tell my dad this”. And each time that  reality crashes down upon you like the worst wave in the middle of a tsunami. The pain and the grief  hits you in the gut, hard, and it feels like you can’t breathe. But over time, that grief begins to alter itself and change.  There eventually comes a point in this journey where the grief becomes the gentle waves that rock the shore of the beach of life, rising and lowering to match the high and low tides in accordance with your life journey. Eventually you are able to stand on the beach without fear of a tsunami of grief. Eventually you are able to stand with your feet in the water, the gentle waves of grief lightly kissing your feet as a constant reminder of the love you still hold for the one who has left you behind. The waves are no longer destructive, but instead  gentle caresses that let you know you have reached a new point in your journey, one that will help you come to peace with your grief.

Travel forever….

because it teaches you more than a textbook ever will and you learn more about yourself than you could ever expect.


Never in a million years could I have ever thought to feel that Toledo would be considered a second home. These past six weeks have flown by and I can’t believe that I’m already back in the good ole USA. I have learned so much about culture, etiquette, friendships, and myself in my short two months here. It will be hard to put these lessons and experiences into words upon my return to the US, but I’ll give it my best shot. No matter how hard people try to understand what I’ve experienced, it will be almost impossible to fully grasp unless they have experienced it.

The hardest part about being back is that people don’t ask me about my experience. They’ll ask the surface questions that seem so materialistic, like “Did you have a good time?”. Well obviously I had a good time, it’s impossible to put in words how you feel about studying abroad. However, they only care about the one word answers, yes or no. They aren’t interested in the what’s, how’s, why’s…it doesn’t aid them in any way to know these facts. I understand why, but I wish that they were interested in what truly happened in my six weeks abroad. Sometimes I feel like I want to shout from the top of the mountains “Listen to me. See how I’ve changed!” And I think that is the most frustrating part. People can take note of physical changes, of alterations in appearance, but they can’t see emotional changes. They can’t see spiritual changes, they can’t see ideology changes, they can’t see changes of opinion…these are something that need to be seen with the mouth and ears, but many people don’t take the time to see them. It’s just another way in which the world we live in is completely and utterly enamored by materialistic things and the appearance of things. Who cares how it got to be the way it is as long as it is pretty, right? Wrong. We should care. We should be interested to see the journeys people have taken, to learn how they have evolved as an individual. But that takes time and effort, two things Americans are prone to not give. As sad as it is, I understand. I understand because I would still be one of them if I hadn’t traveled abroad for six weeks.

To try and sum up all of the experiences I have gained would be time consuming and fruitless, so I have instead decided to name a few things I have learned that I am going to carry with me for the rest of my life:

1. Take the time to enjoy. In America, we are accustomed to the fast paced style of go go go. We rarely ever take time to stop, sit and take in the beauty of every day life. If I have learned anything from my time in Spain it is that it is okay to sit down and eat, to walk at a leisurely pace and to do things at my own pace.

2. Take the time to relax. Similar to the first point, one of my favorite things about Spain was the way that they take the time to relax throughout their day. Not only do they have the “siesta hora”, which is a saving grace from God himself, but they also sit down to eat. In fact, walking and eating is not a thing there, it is actually considered rude depending on what city you are in. Eating hours are used as relaxation periods. The service is never rushed and you are allowed to spend as much time eating, talking and drinking as your heart desires. It definitely makes for a less rushed lifestyle and makes life that much more enjoyable.

3. Explore your surroundings. When you are in a foreign country, people want to go to as many cities as possible. It’s normal, but it also means that people forget to explore the city in which they are staying. There were people who went somewhere every weekend of the five weekends we were studying in Toledo and they never truly explored the historic city. They missed out on some incredible sites and it is something they will probably regret in a while. Take the time to explore the city you get to call home, whether permanently or temporary. Chances are there are some pretty neat things around the corner.

4. Turn your phone off once in awhile. One of my favorite things about studying abroad was the fact that I wasn’t attached to my phone and laptop 24/7. I barely got wifi most of the time and at first it may have been frustrating, but at the end I had grown to love it. It was so nice to actually be in tune with my surroundings and actually SEE what I was looking at. I won’t be disconnected all of the time, because that would make life quite difficult, but I will be taking more time away from my phone, social media, wifi, and laptops. It really does a lot for the mind and soul.

5. Don’t be afraid to go solo. Alone doesn’t mean lonely. Not everyone is going to want to do what you want to do, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t do it. Do what you want to do and don’t let anyone stop you, it could lead to some of the most enlightening experiences of your life. It just so happens that sometimes traveling by yourself is the best way to learn about yourself.

6. Don’t be afraid of change. I feel like today change is synonymous with bad, but change isn’t always bad. I’ve learned that traveling will change you for the better. You learn more about your beliefs, your personality, your likes, your dislikes, the relationships you maintain…the list of things that you learn is outstanding. Most of these lessons will help you to change yourself and your life so that it is better in a number of ways. Change forces you to step outside of your comfort zone, so stop fighting and start embracing.

7. Go with the flow. Anticipate the unexpected. Plans don’t always go accordingly, but that doesn’t mean there won’t be wonderful experiences to come of the unexpected. Some of the best memories I have involve getting lost in the city and the adventures that ensued. Don’t fret, don’t worry, just keep moving forward.

8. See, don’t just look. More often than not, people are too caught up in the idea of studying abroad. It’s one of the easiest things to do while traveling, but it’s also one of the easiest ways to miss what you are observing. Remember to stop. Just to stop and take everything in. Not to stop and take a picture, but to stop and look around to remember this moment and appreciate just how lucky and fortunate you are. Traveling is fleeting, but the memories you create will last your lifetime, make sure you have them.

Toledo…mi amor

No sé cómo voy a sobrevivir cuando regrese a los Estados Unidos. Toledo ha robado el corazón y no sé si que podrá recuperarlo.

I know it’s been awhile since my last post and for that I do apologize. However, I’ve been trying to distance myself from the use of social media so that I can soak up every site this wondrous city has to offer before I come back to the states. If I’m being honest here, I’ve absolutely loved the disconnect from the internet and social sites. It’s allowed me to go out and explore. It’s enabled me to go out, create memories and truly be one with Spain. People here complain about not having access to Wifi all of the time, but honestly I don’t understand it. I’ve had some of the greatest experiences of my life here and I haven’t felt the need to tweet about any of them. If we are so involved in posting about our adventures, we never fully experience the whole adventures. If we’re too busy thinking of a witty caption or a way to encapsulate the memory in under 140 characters we miss out on most of the beauty these adventures hold. Therefore, I’ve made a vow to be less involved in Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram (basically any form of social media) and be more involved in life. As Jackie Kennedy once said, “I want to live my life, not record it.”

Inspired by those words, that is exactly what I have been doing. I used to be the girl whipping out her phone at every opportunity to photograph even the smallest of things, like the bull in front of the store, or the countless legs of ham hanging from the ceiling of every meat store, but what’s the point? No amount of photos will be able to replace the memories I am creating here, nor will they be able to convey the beauty and knowledge this city holds. No amount of photos will explain my love of this city and how much I have grown in these short five weeks.

In the past 12 days since my last post, I’ve been exploring and studying. I run daily if I can, each day taking a new route to discover more of the hidden treasures of this maze I’m able to call my second home. Honestly, these cobblestone hills give one of the best equipment free workouts I’ve ever had the pleasure of experiencing (and if I don’t have a killer butt and legs when I return, I will be upset). Besides that, I’ve spent a majority of my time buckling down in school, writing numerous essays and beginning reviews for my upcoming exams. I haven’t received a bad grade yet and for that I am truly grateful and happy. What’s different about school here, especially in this nonprofit organization I am studying at, is the teachers. They have such a passion for the material they are teaching and it is because of that that I have a passion to learn. It’s so different from the U, where teachers are numb to the material they teach. Here, it’s totally different. There’s a light in every professor’s eyes, there’s a smile as they get to points that really interest them, and there’s a tone in their voice that lets me know they care about us as people. They don’t solely see us as another number, another mindless child who’s here just because they have to be. They care about us as people and they work to make sure that we understand every little detail. They don’t mind having meaningless conversations, or staying after time to clarify points. This trip has reminded me why I love learning so much and I’m so thankful for that.

Anyways, speaking of school…I’ve got two papers that need to be written and some material that needs to be reviewed. I’ve also got to make sure to live up my last eight days here so that I have no ragrets, nope, not even a single letter (:

Con amor,


PS – enjoy some photos from the past couple of days

IMG_1584 IMG_1586 IMG_1588 IMG_1627 IMG_1630 IMG_1632 IMG_1634 IMG_1642 IMG_1647 IMG_1654 IMG_1655 IMG_1661 la foto

Un fin de semana en Toledo

This past weekend I decided to take it easy and have a weekend of rest and relaxation in the beautiful city of Toledo. I hadn’t stayed within the walls of my city since the weekend of my arrival and I was quite excited to spend the weekend exploring the city’s hidden treasures and letting my body and senses rejuvenate.

On Thursday night, I went out in celebration of Drew’s 21st birthday. Things got interesting to say the least, but he had a great time and that is all that matters. I spent Friday working on a paper for my art and architecture class and letting my body get the sleep it so direly needed. Friday was also the Fourth of July, but since I’m in Spain there was no celebration. Spaniards didn’t really understand the holiday and I can’t blame them, but it did increase my longing for my hometown, family and friends. However, Caitlyn and I did a little bit of exploring. We wandered to the Jewish quarters of Toledo and happened upon the museum known as “Casa de Greco”. For those of you who may not know, El Greco is one of the most famous painters who took up residence in Toledo. Although his work was not appreciated to the full extent it deserved in his lifetime, it became rediscovered and more important in the beginning of the twentieth century. After that, I came back to the fund to continue working on my homework. I ended up falling asleep at 10 PM my time and it felt beyond wonderful.

As for Saturday, I woke up around 8 AM so that I could attend mass at 10 AM at La Catedral Primada de Toledo. Even though the mass was in Spanish, it was amazing to witness and participate in the mass. After mass, I spent 11 euros to tour La Catedral and go up in the bell tower. Honest to God, best 11 euros I have spent to date. I am not lying when I say that La Catedral is the most breathtakingly beautiful creations of art that I have ever laid eyes upon. Certain things in that building almost brought tears to my eyes. There is only one word to describe a place of that beauty and that word is magnificent. I could have easily spent the whole day mesmerized by the beauty of the paintings, architecture and sculptures, but I had to go back to the Fund and begin writing my paper on La Catedral. Take a minute to look through the photos I took, even though they truly don’t do the real life version any justice.

After dinner, I ventured to the park with a huge group of people. The park is a place where people go to hang out and it is lined with free discotecas, or clubs. I’ve been there once before and it always proves to be a good time, even though it is a good 30 or 45 minute walk from the plaza. If I don’t have killer legs by the time I come home, I will be slightly upset because all of this uneven cobblestone and hills are the world’s greatest weight-free work out for the legs. Just like before, I had an awesome time at the park! 

Sunday was spent relaxing, doing homework and catching up with those who had went on the Andalucia trip. Overall, my weekend was pretty fabulous and now it’s time for the busy week of work to begin! 

Ciao mis amores,


La oscuridad de la noche

La gente siempre dice que nunca bueno puede ocurrir por la noche. Me permito disentir. La oscuridad de la noche siempre permitirá brillar las luces más brillantes.



Last night, Drew, Lydia and I decided to go for a nice night walk (and by night I mean 11 PM). We ended up walking about 30 minutes outside of Toledo so that we could hike up the side of a mountain to a place called La Piedra. It was a great form of exercise, but more than that, it was one of the most tranquil and peaceful experiences I have ever had in my life. La Piedra translates to “the rock”, and that’s exactly what it is. It’s this huge rock on the top of a mountain that offers one of the best views of Toledo. However, should you turn your back to the city, you will get a view of the scenery that surrounds Toledo: green trees, plains that extend for miles, and gorgeous stone that is randomly dispersed throughout the greenery. Should one choose to lay flat on La Piedra, the clear, navy blue sky would be lit up with stars that shine as if they are angels themselves. The view of the stars was my favorite view last night, and I’ll tell you why. Last night, thunderstorms surrounded the area of Toledo, but never near where I was, and I watched as the lightning broke the sky and created a contrast with the darkness of the night and the beauty of light. As lightning was breaking the darkness, I felt an eerie sense of tranquility come upon me. I’ve always felt connected with nature, as weird as that is, but I felt as if it was my dad, showing me that he was there with me, that he was experiencing Spain with me. This belief was only strengthened when I look towards the moon and saw that one single cloud was illuminated by the light. Normally I wouldn’t have thought twice about it, but I was mesmerized because the cloud was either shaped or illuminated perfectly to mirror the ring that I wear that holds the ashes of my dad. Never before have I experienced something like this, so I want to believe it was him. I want to believe that he hasn’t left me alone in this cold, dark world. I want to believe that just as the lightning broke the darkness of the sky, his light will break the darkness of my world as a constant reminder that he is the light in my life, that this world isn’t all bad. There’s no way to ever know if it was him, but for know I am going to believe it was him because in my bones, I feel that  it had to have been him.


Above are the photos that actually turned out. It’s not as beautiful as it was in person, but it was hard to capture the beauty of the moment.


Moving on, more about what I’ve been up to since my last post! Today is Drew’s 21st birthday!! That’s actually the reason we walked up to La Piedra, he wanted to be there when the clock (Spain time) struck midnight. Tonight, we are going out to celebrate and I’m happy that I get to spend the day with him. He’s nothing short of awesome and I’m beyond happy that I’ve gotten to know him during this trip.

Other than that, my life has been quite boring recently. I went out for the USA vs Belgium game, and of course was disappointed by the outcome. The night was fun, but it would have been better if the US had pulled out a win! Besides hanging out with friends and creating life long memories, I spend most of my time doing my school work. I really want to receive A’s in all three of my classes, so I’ve been working hard on my papers and readings. In fact, I just had a test in my linguistics class, but I feel great about it. It wasn’t hard and I think I got an A. So, no worries mom, I’m not just studying the types of alcohol and party culture here (;

That’s it for now, I’ve got a paper due in four hours.

Mucho amor y abrazos,


Vamos a la playa, a mi me gusta bailar.

Hola mis amores!!


I haven’t blogged in such a long time, and for that I do apologize, but things have been so hectic here the past week or so. So bear with me as I fill you in on the events, as there was no shortage of weird and exhausting occurrences.

Last Friday, I partook in a scheduled day excursion to El Escorial in Escorial, Spain. It was a short two and a half hour bus ride to a quaint, tiny, gorgeous town. We went there to learn about the Royal Site of San Lorenzo del Escorial. I was extremely excited to go on this excursion because we had just finished learning about the architecture of monasteries in my art and architecture class. Let me tell you, this monastery did not disappoint in any way. Unfortunately I wasn’t able to capture the beauty of the actual basilica, or any part of the church, or the pantheon in the basement. Just for clarification, the pantheon is where all of the past Kings of Spain’s coffins are, along with the queens who had sons who later became kings. It was undoubtedly one of the most gorgeous things I have ever laid eyes upon. However, I want to take a moment to talk about the church portion of El Escorial. Ever since my dad passed, I have had trouble even setting foot in a church just because the memories of the funeral are too much to bear. However, when I stepped inside of this basilica, I don’t think I have ever felt more at home. The height of the ceilings were the equivalent to one football field length, and as if that wasn’t enough to overwhelm you, the beauty of the paintings on the ceiling were breathtaking. Everything was so bright, warm, vivid, and wrought with detail. We were fortunate enough to see an opened case of what is referred to as “relics”. Within this case are painted versions of the Saints’ heads with bones that are assumed to be from their body. It was slightly creepy, but extremely cool to witness.  When we exited the basilica portion, I made an offering for my dad and lit a candle in his memory because I knew that he would have absolutely loved this part.

After the basilica, we toured the royal palace of El Escorial. King Phillip II of Spain built this monastery in response to the Protestant Reformation that was sweeping through Europe at the time of his reign, and it is obvious the amount of time he devoted to this task. Since we were there on a fortunate day, we were able to see the bed where King Phillip had passed, along with the private garden that is normally closed to the public. As we learned in art and architecture, the garden is used as a symbol of paradise, or heaven, which is derived from Muslim tradition. Let me tell you, I definitely felt as peaceful as if I were in actual paradise. There were gorgeous water pools and vivacious plants covering every inch! After the garden, the tour was over, but it was a very gorgeous and informative two and a half hour tour through El Escorial.

After lunch, we then parted ways with the school to get to Madrid in order to take our night train to Barcelona. I was super excited to be on my way to Barcelona, but the train ride was awful! Besides the fact that it was nine hours and the seats were uncomfortable, there was a man in the back smoking nonstop with his window down, an eight year old child that would not stop yelling, and an obnoxious man who decided to sit down next to me in the aisle and attempt to court the young lady to my right. My lord was I annoyed! However, I was able to escape to a little more peace and quiet in the cabin behind me where I was able to catch a little bit of sleep.

Our train departed at 10:30 PM and arrived in Barcelona around 7:05 AM. Since we couldn’t check into our hostel until around 2 PM we decided to do as the tourists do and explore one of the biggest tourist cities in Spain. Even in our tired, delirious states we were able to take in the beauty of this beautiful, and huge, city! We spent the morning at the aquarium (the largest in the Mediterranean) and wandering the street of “Las Ramblas”, which was a street lined with huge trees and a bunch of stores. When 2 PM arrived, we made our way to our hostel and then headed to Barceloneta beach. I was a little shocked when I first arrived at the beach because I had a momentary lapse in knowledge and forgot that all beaches in Europe are topless…so that was a little bit of a culture shock. However, the beach was gorgeous! I even went in the water, and if you know me you know about my irrational fear of water. We spent a good amount of time at the beach, but then went to dinner and decided to wander about town and somehow ended up at Barcelona’s own Pride Fest. Talk about a fun time! There was a cool light show going on with the fountain and a live concert with one of Spain’s biggest singers as well as lively entertainment everywhere!

The next day was spent at the beach, obviously. We had no energy to do anything else as our feet had swelled to near balloon size after all of the walking we had been doing. Of course, my fair skin did not fare well in the increased intensity of the sun and I am currently the color of the reddest lobster known to man. However, it was definitely a good trip!

Even with all of the amazing things happening here in Spain, I can’t help but to begin to feel a little homesick. I am so grateful for having this opportunity, but there are some days where I just need my family, and it’s a little hard when your a whole ocean away. Anyways, time for bed! Enjoy the pictures (:

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All above are from the beautiful El Escorial!

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El futuro es desconocido…

…pero el horizonte no se mueve si no andas. 


Translated into English, this means “The future is unknown, but the horizon does not move if you don’t walk.” I read this in one of my articles for my cultural heritage class here in Toledo, and I was struck by the beauty and the veracity of it. We all have those dreams lying upon the horizon of our minds that we cannot reach without walking towards them. It’s the little phrases like this that make me come upon epiphanies and realize that I am in control of what horizon I walk towards.

Speaking of dreams and horizons within our grasps, I am so excited for my sister. Today she leaves to embark upon the journey of a lifetime, and it is one that has been a lifelong goal she has talked about since age 3. After graduating and earning a double major in Dance and Communications, Allie is moving out to California to pursue her passion of dance. In this moment I could not be prouder. She’s taking her future into her own hands, not leaving her destiny up to fate. The amount of work and practice that she has put into this makes me know that she will be successful. While I am ecstatic for her, I am quite sad at the fact that I can’t give her a proper goodbye because of the large distance between us, but I know I will see her again (soon, hopefully). 

I know that our dad is looking down upon her today with proud tears gleaming in his eyes because she’s finally doing it. After years of telling us to go after our dreams and that our future solely depends on us and our ambition, she is actually doing it. I know that he will be with you throughout this journey, Allie; always walking beside you with a helping hand upon your shoulder. Let his light shine through you, and show the world your gift with his help.

Allie has grown into such a beautiful young woman and I can’t wait to see where her future leads. Watch out world, here she comes! And who knows, maybe you’ll see her name on a billboard with lights one day (:

Love you big sis!





Un fin de semana en Madrid

Hola mis amores!

This past weekend was spent in the beautiful city of Madrid. While Madrid had gloriously beautiful scenery, I felt as if I could go to any big city and feel as I had felt exploring Madrid. Don’t get me wrong, I loved Madrid. There was a guided tour when we learned about all of the different plazas, the significance of buildings, statutes and the fountains that were encompassed within them. After the tour of Madrid, we visited the famous Museo del Prado (, where we had another guided tour to learn about some of the most important pieces of art housed there. While the paintings were quite impressive and beautiful, I would have loved to have had a chance to explore el museo by myself, to find what works of art were the most meaningful to me.  After this tour ended, we went to lunch and that was the end of the school related excursion to Madrid.

After lunch, we trekked to our hostel and dropped of our belongings before we explored on our own. The majority of Friday was spent walking around, taking in all of the sights Madrid had to offer. We even had time for a little shopping (of course). (: Friday night we went to one of Madrid’s largest clubs, called La Kapital ( And when I say large, I mean it was HUGE. There were seven different floors that each offered some different experience. For example, the first floor was a huge dance floor whereas the second floor had a karaoke bar and the sixth and seventh floor were more quiet, allowing for a little relaxation when we needed it. One thing that has taken awhile to adjust to is the fact that Spaniards don’t go out until around 1 AM, and they don’t start going home until about 5:30, 6 AM. That is a huge culture shock compared to America where we go out around 9 or 10 at night and come home around 2 AM or so. However, the siesta hora makes up for the lack  of sleep we get at night! 

Needless to say, we took advantage of sleeping in on Saturday morning. When we finally awoke, we decided to go explore Madrid some more. I honestly think we walked over five miles during our time in Madrid, but I’m glad we did. We happened to come upon Real Jardín Botanico de Madrid, which was one of the most peaceful and tranquil gardens I have ever walked through. It was a great opportunity to get some awesome photos, and I’m glad we stopped by. Saturday night, we participated in a fun pub crawl that was hosted by our hostel, which consisted of two bars and one club. It was so fun! 

Alas, I’m back to reality with being back in Toledo and the first full week of classes starting. In all honesty, I’m extremely happy to be back in Toledo. I love this little maze of a city with hidden treasures lurking around every corner. Now I’m off to take a nap before I start my homework!